These photos show how POLLUTED America used to be!

President Trump is trying to cut government programs and return money to taxpayers.

Just this week, President Trump’s EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, announced that he was ending a program to regulate power plants and their emissions. Its the latest in a series of cuts to the EPA announced by Pruitt.

All conservatives are fans of SMALL government. But we were stunned when we saw these photos of America in the 1970s, before the EPA was created. The pollution was gross!

In his quest to drain the swamp, we hope President Trump sees these photos and remembers how much America has changed. Hopefully, companies that want to pollute our land and air get kicked out of the swamp along with everyone else!

Burning discarded automobile batteries in 1972

Holding a glass of undrinkable water in Ohio, 1973

A factory belches smoke in Texas, 1972

A smokestack spits out lead and arsenic in Tacoma, Washington 1973

Illegal dumping off the New Jersey turnpike, 1973

New York City’s skyline, then and now

Moakley Park in Boston, then and now.

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