What President Trump’s executive order means for older Americans

President Trump took a HUGE step toward removing Obamacare by stopping payments to insurance companies and by opening the door to lower-cost plans for young Americans.

But our President’s bold actions left health-care providers scrambling to catch up. And there’s a worry that older Americans could end up paying the price until Republicans FINALLY get a health care plan through the Senate.

Obamacare charged younger Americans MORE in order to fund health insurance for older, sicker Americans. But now that President Trump is ending Obamacare, now insurance companies will need to create different plans for different groups of people. And that means, older Americans can be charged more for the health insurance until Republicans figure out a long-term fix.

Already, some Republicans were blaming the president for the changes.

As always in Washington, there’s plenty of finger pointing. But let’s hope President Trump inspires politicians to act and create great healthcare for ALL Americans.

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