Does the swamp want Mike Pence to be President?

Mike Pence came to Washington with Donald Trump to help DRAIN THE SWAMP. But according to a new report, the Vice President might be getting sucked into the swamp himself!

In a new profile, The New Yorker writes about Pence’s long-held ambitions to be president. Dating back to high school, Pence has always dreamed about running the country and set up his career with an eye toward the top job.

But now, Pence’s ambition is drawing attention from both liberals and the mainstream Republican party, who see Pence as a successor in waiting to Donald Trump — and in some ways, a BETTER pick for President!

“At this point, who doesn’t want Trump impeached?” Anne Coulter said, “If we’re not getting a wall, I’d prefer President Pence.”

She’s not alone. The New Yorker points out Pence’s long-held ties to the conservative Koch brothers, who held out from supporting President Trump until Pence was a part of his administration:

The Kochs were delighted that one of their favorite politicians had joined the ticket, although, because of Trump’s stance against wealthy donors, Pence and the Kochs agreed to cancel a speech that he had been scheduled to give at their donor summit that August. The Kochs continued to withhold financial support from Trump, but Short, the former Koch operative, became a top adviser to Pence on the campaign. Some billionaires in the Kochs’ donor network—such as the hedge-fund manager Robert Mercer, who has also financed Bannon’s ventures—began backing Trump.

And after President Trump beat Hillary, the Conservative establishment saw it as a chance to put even more of their people in power, even if that meant putting the Trump agenda aside.

Senator Whitehouse, the Rhode Island Democrat, believes that the Kochs “will stick one hundred of their own people into the government—and Trump will never notice.” As a result, he said, “the signs of a rapprochement are everywhere.” Whitehouse continued, “One by one, all the things that Trump campaigned on that annoyed the Koch brothers are being thrown overboard. And one by one the Koch brothers’ priorities are moving up the list.” 

While there’s nothing to suggest that Mike Pence is DISLOYAL to the president, it does show that the swamp is adopting Pence as one of their own.

Erick Erickson, a conservative commentator who admires Pence, said, “Everyone knows that Mike Pence can get the job done, and the President can’t, but no one can say it.”

Would YOU support Mike Pence for President?

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